Azulejos Portugal
Hand-painted azulejos tiles in Tavira Portugal
Azulejos Terra-Viva Portugal

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Azulejos Terra-Viva Portugal offers a range of decorated azulejos panels which are available at the workshop. Orders can also be shipped to all countries within the Euro zone.

The panels consist of 15X15 tiles which are entirely hand-painted using the slip technique and paints specially prepared for each item. Subjects depicted are very varied and all motifs can be executed.

Firing for 7 hours at more than 1000°C and highly demanding quality criteria ensure that all pieces are very resistant to time and can be displayed either indoors or out.

The price of each item is calculated on an individual basis, item by item, on the strength of two criteria:
• The difficulty of execution
• The surface area of the panel.
Close contact between the workshop and the client is therefore highly desirable.

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